The first details about the flagship platform Snapdragon 865

Now the vast majority of prominent flagships come with systems on a Qualcomm chip. There are many who consider the Snapdragon platform from the 800 series as non-alternative options for premium devices. At the moment, the palm in the flagship android phones holds the SoC Snapdragon 855 and its dominance will last until the release of the successor. A well-known supplier of leaks, Roland Quandt, has published a message that work on the Snapdragon 865 is underway and that the platform’s premiere should be expected by the end of the year.

The chipset itself was code-named Project Kona and catalog number SM8250. Among the innovations, the source points to support for RAM type LPDDR5 and, according to him, the tests are already underway. Given that the era of 5G is coming, it was logical to assume that Snapdragon 865 will offer support for fifth-generation networks.

This will happen, but the 5G-modem will not be built into the base platform version, and it will have to be additionally ordered in the same way as the Snapdragon X50 module for the Snapdragon 855 did. Chipmaker decided to keep the freedom of choice for manufacturers who can offer users flagship solutions with support and without 5G. The communication module itself will improve its code name Huracan, and the SDM55 index and, most likely, its commercial name will be Snapdragon X55.

April 11th, 2019 by