March 26th, 2019 by APKpride

Not each owner of the smartphone uses rates with an unlimited traffic. Generally it is about restrictions in data transfer which hinder normally to use the device. How to save precious megabytes on the Android smartphone? For this purpose there is a row of applications about which we will talk today.

DataEye | Save Mobile Data


This application controls data transfer on the smartphone in real time. In it statistics on each application is displayed. In settings it is possible to turn off data transfer for applications which are used seldom.

Datally: data saving app by Google


This Google application. It displays statistics on use of the Internet. Application is capable to lock background data transfer so far you sleep. For data transfer blocking application is used by VPN.

GlassWire – Data Usage Privacy


Feature of application is simplicity and embedded functions of protection. GlassWire analyzes a traffic and warns the user about the doubtful expenditure.


Many browsers already have the built-in mechanisms of saving of a charge. The Google Chrome which in case of the first start suggests to activate a traffic regime of economy at once can become a good example.



Recently Lite-versions of applications began to extend widely. Facebook Lite and Twitter Lite can become an example. Twitter Lite for saving of a traffic can not display pictures.


Some jackets are capable to display load time speed and returns of a traffic in a status line. This statistics well reflects behavior of the smartphone in specific timepoint. In settings of jackets in the section of applications information on the expenditure of a traffic therefore third-party applications can even not be necessary for most of users is also displayed.

And how our readers control data transfer? I, for example, try to use less often the mobile Internet, as a rule, houses and on operation there is Wi-Fi to which the smartphone is connected automatically. My rate offers 3 GB of data a month that in intervals between the house and operation is quite enough.

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