Google made navigating with Maps even more convenient

Google developers do not stop working on the convenience of the company’s branded navigation service. In the middle of autumn a dark theme appeared in the maps, which was also available during the day. In late November, the application has learned to support hashtags. Thanks to them, finding a new establishment or service in accordance with the requests will be much easier. Now, the team focused on combining other smartphone features with maps. Understand the details of innovation.

We are talking about using voice assistant in Google Maps. The introduction of Assistant, the company announced at the conference I / O 2018 – he got to the platform in late September. Not without great inconvenience. According to GSMArena, the user interface of the voice assistant during work occupied half of the display. Because of this, follow the prompts of the Maps and it was normal to go at least uncomfortable.

The problem was solved in version 10.4.1. The assistant can be activated by standard handling or by clicking on the microphone icon in the upper right corner. After that the interface will appear – it leaves the bottom and occupies a small space below. As a result, the map remains visible, and there is no inconvenience with navigation.

Google made navigating with Maps - 1

Google made navigating with Maps - 2

The most interesting thing that the user commands the assistant performs in the background. This applies to playing the right song, typing messages and other tasks. For example, this is a phone call. Absolutely nothing will distract from user navigation.

Google made navigating with Maps - 3

While the update did not get to all the devices, but their number is gradually increasing. At the same time, journalists assume that the slow update is due to the desire to test the function before the global release.

March 26th, 2019 by