Best Android Antivirus Apps 2019

Malicious software for Android is a serious problem for users the most popular in the world of the mobile operating system. Day by day the number of threats for” the green robot” only increases and taking into account that worldwide running Android several billion devices work, even a purposeful attack only on their small percent can cause serious consequences. Fortunately, with growth of quantity and quality of malicious software, the functionality and efficiency of the anti-virus software grows. We present you five best anti-virus applications for Android devices.

Mobile Security & Antivirus от ESET


ESET Mobile Security installed more than 600000 users on the phones and tablets. After installation the application will scan your device on existence of malicious applications and to ensure its safety in real time. ESET Mobile Security also have anti-phishing functions which will warn you about any harmful websites which you are going to visit.

The application also provides a detailed report about the work which will report to you about detection any suspicious ON, and two special functions – Remote Lock and Remote Siren – will help to secure your smartphone even more. There are two application versions: the free basic and paid premium version with some additional functions, an opportunity to plan scanning and automatic updating of virus base.

Antivirus AVG for Android


The antivirus of AVG proved as an effective solution for computers, and now decided to expand the borders and to earn on smartphones and tablets. The application has a free basic version without the need for registration and payment. After completion of installation the program will check your device for existence of the malicious software at once. AVG also ensures safety of your device in real time, blocking a malicious code even before its start.

AVG is one of the best tools for use as an antivirus. This application has not only an anti-virus scanner, but also function which will help to find your device if it was stolen or lost. Besides, scanning in AVG extends to text messages and the sites which you visit. However, already these functions are available only in the expanded version of AVG.

Comodo Mobile Security


Comodo Mobile Security is newer than other anti-virus solutions in this list, but by efficiency it will not concede to none of them. Comodo not only can scan and find potential threats, but also classify them as dangerous, suspicious and safe. It gives to users more maneuvers for further actions as they understand what degree the threat will be activated if to press the Further button. Also there is a scheduler of scanning.

Avast Mobile Security


The mobile antivirus from Avast provides to the user a set of tools for safety of its mobile device, including the main anti-virus function under the name “Web shield” which is used for scanning of the websites, informing the user on the harmful URL addresses and also has function of the adviser which will help to secure your data and to avoid their theft. Avast is also able to clean browser history, to block the smartphone in case of need and to activate a siren to frighten off the robber.

Avast Mobile Security first of all is intended for scanning on existence of malicious software of programs which are already established on your smartphone or those which you are only going to establish. Avast was also recognized as one of the best antivirus software in 2019.

Antivirus Dr. Web Light

Dr. Web Light

The Dr. Web company released mobile version of the well-known antivirus for Android OS. This application helps to protect your smartphone from viruses and malicious applications. Dr.Web has a set of advantages which include high-speed scanning of the device, flexible control, the convenient interface, the minimum load of a system and protection against the undesirable entering calls and the SMS. One of application pluses also is that it is absolutely free.

It is quite difficult to choose the winner among the anti-virus applications provided in our top. Each program has features and unique functions. As you already understood to secure yourself and the smartphone against undesirable threats, it is enough to choose the application most of which of all suits you the functionality – the benefit from our list, all of them free and can really help you. Information security became really critical problem today, and anti-virus applications made the significant contribution to making our life it is simpler and safer.

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