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Hi friends, do you wish New Trend JJ CapCut Template to edit your video? Here is the new CapCut template which is used by 143 M+ TikTok users. You can simply use your photos and get a video of 00:18 Seconds to share on TikTok. This template is composed by New Trend JJ on CapCut. Details about this CapCut template are given below.

Template Information

Template Name New Trend JJ CapCut Template
Author New Trend JJ
Duration 00:18 Seconds
Usage 143 M+

Use Template

CapCut/Template Description

CapCut APK is a very flexible and powerful tool with unlimited groups and layers. This app will make it easy for you to edit videos with great precision. It also offers super-fast rendering that everyone wants from a video editing app.


This app has many other tools to use. Examples of these tools include curve editor, color correction, masking, keyframe animation, and more. Download Node Video to use all features. This is another great feature that allows users to preview any audio.

You can control all the parameters of each effect with the audio spectrum offered by the application. powered features that make it easy for users to separate people and backgrounds. So, you can use this tool to place your image anywhere.

How to use Template?

Editing video with this CapCut template is very simple, just use this guide and enjoy.

  • Go to the link —
  • Click on the button (Use Template)
  • Then again in CapCut, click the Use Template button.
  • Import your photos and export the video.

That’s it, if this link or app is not working then drop your comment here.

Final Words

This is all you need to learn about the template created by New Trend JJ. If you are going to try this template then like this template and send it to your friends.

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