5 useful and inexpensive items on AliExpress – April 2019

In this issue: a fancy docking station for a car, a backpack with a password, a touch switch, a DVR from Xiaomi and a high tripod for a smartphone

Meet the new part of the regular section with collections of interesting products from AliExpress! As part of this series of articles, we choose gadgets that are directly or indirectly related to the subject matter of our site. In these collections, you will find devices that are sure to become interesting not only for geeks and fans of unusual gadgets, but also for the average visitors of the Chinese marketplace.

1.Unusual car docking station

The famous Chinese company Baseus has released a rather unusual accessory for a car cigarette lighter. It combines two USB ports for simultaneously charging a pair of connected devices, a Bluetooth 4.2 chipset for wirelessly connecting to smartphones and tablets, a memory card slot, support for flash drives, audio and call control buttons, FM radio, a microphone and a display. Yes, yes, it all fit into a miniature cigarette lighter gadget. Inside the device are installed advanced controllers that protect USB-connected gadgets from power surges.

Connector type: for cigarette lighter.
Bluetooth Version: 4.2.
Connectors: two USB for charging 2.4 A and 1 A (the latter supports connecting flash drives for music playback), a slot for memory cards (up to 32 GB).
Supported devices: any with Bluetooth (control of the music being played works on all devices, and unusual functions like answering an incoming call may not be supported by some gadgets).
Dimensions: 71 × 48 × 36 mm.

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5 300+ orders. Average rating: 4.8 points out of a possible 5 (1,040+ reviews).


2. High-quality backpack with lock-password

Manufacturers from China have long learned to do quality things for everyday wear, and this backpack is another confirmation of this. This model differs from most analogs in the presence of a lock with a three-digit password. Considering that a laptop with a screen diagonal of up to 16 inches, a tablet, a camera and many other valuable gadgets fit into the backpack, the password on the lock will certainly not be superfluous. However, if you wish, you can not use it. The manufacturer claims that the backpack is waterproof. But, most likely, it is simply made of water-repellent material – it will not get wet in the rain, but you shouldn’t dive with it. This model has an external USB connector for connecting a bank – a portable battery can be carried in a backpack, and the cable from a smartphone or tablet can be inserted through the port of the backpack.

Dimensions: 47 × 32 × 16 cm.
Weight: 0.9 kg.
Capacity: 24 liters.
Material: polyester.
Colors: black, black and gray, black and beige, black and blue.

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140+ orders. Average rating: 4.9 points out of a possible 5 (85+ reviews).


3. Stylish touch switch

Renowned in China and beyond, the company Livolo has been manufacturing various electrical equipment for the home for 9 years. During this time, the products of this manufacturer managed to recommend themselves from the best side, so when choosing switches, many people advise exactly the gadgets from this Chinese company. This model stands out against the background of many analogs with its simple but stylish design – all thanks to the touch on / off button, framed by LEDs (they are highlighted in red in the active state and blue in the off state). According to the company and numerous reviews, the switch is not afraid of moisture and short circuit (accompanied by a temperature increase of 300 ° C), and the front panel of tempered glass is not scratched, easily wiped from dirt and protects the paint under it from fading.

Dimensions: 80 × 80 × 32 mm.
Maximum voltage: up to 250 V.
Power consumption (on the backlight button): <0,001 watts.
Colors: black, blue, beige, dark gray, green, pink, white.

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10 400+ orders. Average rating: 4.9 points out of a possible 5 (5,800+ reviews).

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6 600+ orders. Average rating: 4.9 points out of a possible 5 (3,600+ reviews).


4. Cheap high-quality video recorder from Xiaomi

It feels like Xiaomi releases everything. If some gadgets and do not go under her brand, then they certainly have subsidiaries of this well-known Chinese corporation. For example, the manufacturer Xiaomi 70mai manufactures DVRs – as you would expect, they have an excellent price-quality ratio. This model in the face of Dash Cam Pro is one of the cheapest in the line of the Chinese manufacturer, but its technical characteristics are at the level of more expensive models.

Resolution: 2592 × 1944 pixels.
Sensor: Sony IMX335.
Aperture ratio: f / 1.8.
Viewing angle: 140 °.
Data transfer via Wi-Fi: yes (Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n).
Supported devices for pairing: running Android 4.1 and newer or iOS 8 and newer.
Memory card support: up to 64 GB.
WDR technology: is.
Coding technology: H.265.
Battery: 500 mAh.
Dimensions: 87.5 × 53 × 18 mm.
Operating temperature: –10 ° to + 60 ° Celsius.

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8 300+ orders. Average rating: 4.9 points out of a possible 5 (3,000+ reviews).


5. High tripod for smartphone and camera

The vast majority of tripods for smartphones are oriented mainly for installation on the table, since their height does not exceed 30 centimeters. However, this tripod from FOTGA can be expanded to a height of up to 100 centimeters. Thanks to a special nozzle, the tripod supports the installation of smartphones and small tablets. On the back of the nozzle there is a standard 1/4 “connector, allowing you to install any modern camera on the tripod.
Adjustable height: 34, 52, 68 and 100 cm.
Width of supported devices: from 52 to 85 mm.
The thickness of the supported devices: should not exceed 18 mm.

Weight of supported devices: up to 2.5 kg.
Tripod material: aluminum.
Features: built-in smartphone level, tripod cover included.

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7 800+ orders. Average rating: 4.7 points out of a possible 5 (3,000 reviews).

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